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Website for the artist Kristina Benjocki, 2014. Programmed by Mirko Lazović.

Detail of Das Projekt einer Zeitschrift study for a one sheet newspaper, commissioned by the Department of Reading, 2014.

Cover of Rules of Hypergraphy with contributions by Marc Matter, Hans and Gretel Metzger, Karl Nawrot, Jörg Piringer and Roland Sabatier. Produced and published by Extrapool, 2014. English, 14 × 20cm, 104 pp, mimeograph in vliegenzwamrood, brandweerwagenrood, marineblauw, muisgrijs, paars, zwart, jagersgroen. ISBN: 978-90-74781-00-8

Leporello and translation of a diagram by Roland Sabatier. Part of the exhibition Rules of Hypergraphy at Extrapool, that I curated in 2014.
42 × 14.8 cm, mimeograph in fluor roze and koningsblauw.

Instruction leaflet, , Ruchama Noorda, 2013. 27 × 33 cm folded to 3.4 × 8.2 cm, offset in jungle green.

Four of the postcards for Jasper Engel Schilderwerken, part of the graphic identity of the Amsterdam-based painting company, 2014. 14 × 9 cm, screen printed in navy blue and sea green.

Detail of the invitation for one in the series of performative evenings entitled Nachtelijke Dwalingen, at the Oude Kerk, 2013–2014. 500 copies, 33 × 48 cm folded to 16.5 × 24 cm, offset in black.

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